Digital Label Printing

Louisville Label now welcomes a new technology which enables us to produce digital labels. Digital printing allows more flexibility and cost efficiency for customers.

Short Runs—Digital printing is the ideal answer to those seeking low volume, high quality labels, because it requires very little setup time and no printing plates are needed.

Prep Cost Savings—In most instances, art files can be taken straight to the press. Multiple versions of files are loaded and produced without having to reload the press, which greatly reduces setup and run times, saving you money.

Quicker Production Time—With all the advantages of digital printing, turn times can be greatly reduced.

High Quality—Vibrant UV inks are used, almost eliminating the need for varnishes and laminate, giving you a high quality, durable label.

Price—While large quantity jobs do not always lend themselves to cost effectiveness with digital printing, those seeking low to mid quantity pieces will find good value and savings of both time and costs due to the efficiency of the process.

Press Proofs and Preproduction Samples—A copier-quality proof is provided before we start any print job. For those who require an actual sample of a project for demonstration, digital printing can provide a cost-effective, exact copy of the label to be produced prior to costly press runs.