Learn more about our new die cutting press

Posted by Shelby Nash on Fri, Jun 30, 2017 @ 05:08 PM


We are excited about our new machine –Rotoworx 330, and here's why! This machine will allow us to print a larger variety of jobs and do so more efficiently. Most businesses can understand how great that is! This press will now be our main source for die cutting and for finishing jobs that we've printed on our digital presses. So, we will certainly make good use of it.

So, what's it do?

With an operating speed of 50 meters per minute or 160 feet per minute, this efficient product is a solution for short-run label conversion and finishing. Each day we will use it to finish material printed by our digital press, the Domino. The Domino can print up 13 inches wide. Our old finisher could not run material that large. But the Rotoworx 330 can handle that size.

It is a stand-alone semi rotary converting system. It comes with touch screen and remote operating capabilities. There are several other special features of the machine, which are:

  • Semi-rotary die-cut
  • Flexo coating station
  • Lamination
  • Product unwind
  • Dual product and Matrix re-wind

So, what's the benefits?

These special features make the finishing process easier and more efficient; which brings many benefits such as cutting down on cost and waste.

Waste can be a consequence of changeovers and rolls splices. The semi-rotary die station facilitates fast changeovers which lowers cost. The anvil system on this machine has an off impression mode which helps minimize waste. Also, the machine offers a variety of tensions for different processes. This means this machine can be used with all kinds of material, even sensitive film or precise through cutting.

The ingenious design of the machine has been 30 years in the making, specifically a part of it called the flexographic module. This gives the machine versatility and enhanced value because it can do flexography along with semi-rotary die cutting. It can perform many functions like multiple printing stations, spot UV varnish, and more.

It Gives Us New Service Options

Because of the last feature we mentioned, we may be able to do techniques we never have before! We haven't tried anything with cold foil at Louisville Label so far. Cold foil is a technique for laying a foil stock on top of the base material, which can be done in almost any shape. This technique helps give a nice visual appeal without having to do the whole label with foil stock. This look has become more poplar lately, too. It's now something we'll have the ability to test out on our products!

Everybody geeks out a little about new tech, especially if it pertains to their industry or hobby. So, this is one of those moments for us. Thanks for celebrating it with us now!

Not only will the Rotoworx 330 enhance the performance of our services, cut down on cost, and minimize waste, but we can provide larger jobs for you when you need it for your next branding project or special event. So, what do you have for us? We're ready!