Customer Spotlight: Full Circle Market Health Foods

Posted by Shelby Nash on Tue, May 09, 2017 @ 04:30 PM

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Defining natural comes second nature to the next local company for our customer spotlight, meet Full Circle Market Health Foods! Natural, clean, and healthy is their mantra.

Full Circle Market Health Foods has been open for 16 years in Winchester, KY. From beer cheese, skin care cream, vitamins, minerals, and teas to local honey, pet care products, allergy relief, grass-fed ground beef, and toothpaste, Full Circle Market carries a wide variety of products! They only keep the cleanest and healthiest products on their shelves but they also do not sell any products that contain MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Hydrogenated Oils, or Artificial Colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Their Sports Nutrition products even have no added hormones.

Latest Products

As a bit of exciting news, Full Circle Market is now launching a new Beer Cheese - the Sriracha Beer Cheese! The Sriracha Beer Cheese uses locally brewed beer from Rooster Brewing in Paris, KY. It has a nice garlicky kick, that hits you quick and fades away smooth! In designing the new Sriracha Beer Cheese label and getting it ready to print, Laura, the owner, told us she was confident in knowing Louisville Label would provide competitive pricing and quick turnaround for the label. The Sriracha Beer Cheese is now available in-house. 

The Original Mild and Hot Beer Cheeses are available at Tastefully, Ky in Lawrenceburg, Good Foods in Lexington, and the Paris/Bourbon County Farmer’s Market. And just in time for Derby, they are on the menu at Diamond Station in Louisville!

Did you also know that their Beer Cheese was the First Place Winner of the 2016 Beer Cheese Festival? And that Full Circle Market Health Foods is on The Beer Cheese Trail? Stop in and get a cheese log to get you started!

Hours of Operation 

Mon - Fri: 10am - 7pm

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Closed Sunday

Looking for a Local Vendor?

Here a small list of some of their products and the locations you can find them!

Working with Louisville Label

As a small business, the owner Laura Sheehan realized the importance of branding and getting her name and logo out there. She first started working with Louisville Label in 2010 when she wanted to update her beer cheese label. According to Laura, the process was smooth and she felt the labels came out great! 

Shortly thereafter, she began working with Louisville Label on other projects such as blank labels for her bulk items, to circular logo stickers.
Full Circle Market is now on its 3rd Beer Cheese label. They did an update last year after becoming a stop on The Beer Cheese Trail and winning First Place at the Beer Cheese Festival in Winchester, KY. The new labels came out great, and Laura couldn’t be more pleased.

We hope you will visit Full Circle Market in Winchester, where you can find all their Beer Cheeses, bulk foods, lots of health Grab and Go deli items, KY Proud Items, Essential Oils, and all sorts of things! And be sure and grab one of their Logo Stickers, Laura says "they look great on your car!"

If anyone is interested, Full Circle Market is looking to expand their Beer Cheese distribution. For wholesale pricing on the beer cheese, you can contact them here to inquire. They sell wholesale for retailers and bulk for restaurants. 

If you want more information about getting labels printed for your business with Louisville Label, click here for a free, fast quote.

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