What to know about commercial printing with Louisville Label

Posted by Shelby Nash on Wed, Aug 30, 2017 @ 10:52 AM

So, you've decided to start selling your product, the one that has caused all of the blood, sweat, and tears for longer than you can remember. However, before it hits the shelves at your local store, you have to make sure that the product has the best first impression possible. 

Did you know that a product's packaging is the first impression that most consumers will have of your product? That's why we've created a guide to commercial printing with Louisville Label. 

The first, and possibly the most important step in printing materials for your brand, is the artwork.

Ensuring that you have the correct type of artwork is a huge step in the right direction, or really even having your artwork at all is a win. When deciding how to go about this, you might want to read our article about some different label considerations. You need to have your brand standards such as color and typography, but have you also thought about the shape, wording, bar codes, and (if you need one) a food label? There is quite a bit that goes into getting a label together.

Want to work with Louisville Label but not sure about our art requirements? Don't worry, we've got you covered in our art requirements blog, but you can also check out our Graphics pre production page for more information.

Thinking about doing a reprint or going back to a label you used a while ago? Please be aware that it isn't wise to depend on your printer to hang on to those files. Things happen, including purging of files to clean up older accounts. Even if you know that you fully intend to return for a reprint, your printer might not know that. If the last time you ordered something with your artwork was in 1999, chances are that we don't have those files any longer. Be sure to keep your various art files in case you go back to them, including that random holiday label - you never know when you'll want it again. For further reference, here is a recent article about the importance of saving your artwork.  

We offer digital label printing to ensure maximum cost efficiency.

Digital printing allows more flexibility and cost efficiency for customers by allowing for short runs, quicker production times and press proofs and pre production samples. At Louisville Label, we offer various ways to solve your printing issues and to best suit your needs. That's why we have initial consultations and label samples to learn about what you are looking for in a label, as well as helping you find your labeling requirements. 

Louisville Label offers a wide variety of products in house. 

Louisville Label produces various types of labels to an ever-increasing number of marketing venues. You can read more about our capabilities on our products page, by checking our top five label categories, or by reading our Customer Spotlights on our blog.

A large percentage, 95% to be exact, of our labels, are printed in house. We like it that way, keeping an eye on the products that are being produced, ensuring that the product delivered to our clients are of the highest possible quality. The labels printed off site? We only outsource to companies that we trust implicitly. 

We don't charge extra to get you the labels when you need them.

We do not believe in charging more to get you the ship date that you need. We will always do our best to work with you and your schedule to process your order the best we can to fit your needs. Want to learn about the ordering process of working with us from start to finish? Check out this blog

Have more questions? Feel free to browse our blog, read our FAQ page, or just reach out to us. At Louisville Label, we are honored to be able to serve our clients at the level that we have been serving them since 1907. If you would like to see how your product will change with printing from Louisville Label, go ahead and request a quick quote.  

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