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Posted by Shelby Nash on Tue, Apr 18, 2017 @ 03:48 PM

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You’ve spent hours, weeks, or maybe even years coming up with the perfect brand or product. You painstakingly mulled over every last detail until you were sure everything was "just right." The shape, the color - no minute detail spared from the chopping block.

When you start a business or create a new product, it is normal to want everything to be in perfect cohesion. Because first impressions matter, we understand that everything needs to come together exactly the way it was planned. Each detail needs to represent your brand, right down to the last drop of color. We can make that happen.

What is Color Matching?

Color matching is the art of matching a predetermined color. For instance, if you have a pre-existing logo or simply a swatch of fabric in a color that you love, we can work to match that color to help you create the perfect custom label for your brand.

With our new digital printer, we can produce a wide range of colors because of our printing 6 color process, plus white, as opposed to the 4 color process, which is what a lot of other digital presses use. If we print the labels with specific PMS colors for each color, we do have the ability to color match better and can more closely match what you are wanting. In order to do this, we would need a sample of a color you will want to match or a PMS color.

Even then, there could be variances in color due to:

  • The type of stock we are printing on.
  • Where you are seeing the PMS color you want to match - some PMS books are old and faded. If you are looking at an uncoated PMS book, it will look different than what we print because our inks (especially digital) are typically glossy. If you are looking at a color on a computer screen or a print out from your home printer, those can also show the color to be different.

The best option for this, if you want to color match, is to have the art set up as PMS colors and to give us a sample of something you want to be matched.

Color matching opens the door to allow you to truly be creative in your design. Because you are not limited to any one set of colors, the options are limitless. Could you create a new color that the world has never seen before? You can certainly try - and we will print it!

Choosing Your Label

Now that you’ve achieved the perfect color, it’s time to move on to the perfect shape and size of your label. With Louisville Label, it’s not about fitting into the box. We understand that your business is unique and your brand needs to portray that. For this reason, we offer a wide variety of label shapes and sizes to perfectly match the project you had in mind.

When looking beyond simply shape and size, you will also be able to choose between different stocks and adhesives. We print for indoor and outdoor, as well as removable, repositionable, and permanent adhesives. We have labels from the basic paper used for things like name tags and some product labels, to more weather resistant that are used outdoors and on applications that will need to be very durable like warning/safety labels, drum labels, or outdoor decals. With all of the options available to make your label clearly stand alone, we invite you to chat with one of our designers to help you decide which options best suit your brand objectives.

Know That It’s Right

We understand that when you’re custom creating a label, it’s hard to know if the design and color will be exactly as you’ve envisioned them once the printing is complete. With Louisville Label's revolutionary Digital Label Printing ability, we’ve taken the guess work out of the equation with our ability to produce a pre-production sample. Click here to get started on a sample request.

By acquiring either a copier-quality proof or actual printed sample of your design, you’re able to verify the design and color prior to it being sent to production.

We’re happy to say that our adoption of digital label printing has made way for great flexibility in design, as well as better cost efficiency for you. What will you design today?

There are limitations and, in order to make sure you're completely happy with the labels, if color matching is important, speak with customer service to discuss options and look into a printed sample. Want a quick quote? Click here.

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